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Module 1 Changing Perspectives
Focuses on the concept that a variety of steps and decisions must be taken in order to enable teachers to become teacher trainers. Theoretical input (e.g. learning styles, multiple intelligences) and hands-on material help teachers to make the decisive step from teacher to teacher trainer in the field of CLIL. Questions that future CLIL teachers have will be discussed extensively.

Module 2 Finding Resources
As a logical step the second module deals with the criteria for finding resources required for attractive, interactive student-centred CLIL classes. Trainees are made aware of the  fact that resources ask for different methodologies in order to create interesting classes. The trainees compare their attitudes and opinions on their experience in CLIL classes based on recent relevant research findings.  Hands-on materials can be downloaded and either used as such or adapted to the needs of the individual teacher.

Module 3 Creating a CLIL Environment
Teacher trainers and their trainees know about the importance and challenges of creating an environment inductive to learning. Based on the prior knowledge of the participants and by negotiating of meaning. These activities trigger processes that help all partners to reach a clear understanding of concepts. Differences between Austrian and Italian CLIL environments will be discussed.

Module 4 Providing Feedback
The fourth module is the logical culmination of the train the trainer course. Though legislation is different in the two regions, basic questions of assessment and evaluation strategies are discussed with special reference to the dual approach of CLIL, that is appreciating language and content at the same time. Trainees will get a broader view on the process of evaluating people’s  performance.