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Regione Lazio programs actions in the field of education, right to study and training offer, including adult education. It – delete,don’t understand  carries out activities related to the local organization of schools and training network.

It proposes counselling activities for school and university, in accordance with local educational institutions and Universities. Actions are also planned to provide vocational guidance.  It encourages interaction and collaboration between institutional subjects (Ministry of Education, Ufficio Scolastico Regionale, Provinces and Municipalities) and State-Regions Conference, in order to promote the effectiveness of the integration between the systems of education, training, university research and the world of work.

It guarantees assistance to organizations and agencies working in the field of education and provides the follow-up activities of surveillance and control.

It carries out the monitoring activities and the evaluation of the results in relation to the planning actions for the education area. It manages the national and regional financial resources in the field of education. It carries out activities related to the programming and financing of actions in the field of youth policy.

The School is a Lyceum with two main areas of study, with a common core of subject matters such as Arts, Maths, Physics, Science, History and Philosophy. One area of study (Liceo Classico) is mainly dedicated to Humanities and Classical Languages and Literatures, while the other one (Liceo Linguistico) is mainly dedicated to the study of modern Languages and Literatures and has an international perspective.

The modern language curriculum pays a specific attention to the process of language acquisition and focuses both on the specific features of each studied language (English, French, Spanish and Japanese) and on the common competences and shared strategies necessary to be an active L2 user. The school emphasizes a task-based teaching and learning approach and is open to innovative teaching methods enhanced by the use of new technologies. Two subject matters are taught in one of the languages studied by the students (CLIL). Teacher training in CLIL has been activated in 2011 both with on-site courses and abroad.

The school is a Secondary Upper School which is divided into two Technical branches (Economics and Technological School) and two “Licei” (Science and Humanities courses). As regards the Technical courses the school has contacts with Technical Scientific Committees to put into practice activities in which lessons are supported by work experiences.

Our institute is partner to I.T.S. of Viterbo (an institution which provides further Technical Education). On behalf of this I.T.S our school organizes guidance and counselling activities. We consider the topics and themes of this project extremely interesting. We are partner in a team of National project “Book in Progress” which has the aim of writing e-book containing parts, for each subject, written in English.
The school is part of CO-CLIL Italian consortium.

Universo CLIL Associazione Professionale is a teacher training association recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education. It is aimed at promoting innovative and cooperative teaching approaches and methodologies. The Association has started its activity in consequence of the result of a former three-year Comenius Multilateral project, “e-CLILT” (e-based Content and Language Integrated Learning Training), whose main outcome has been a blended trans-national model training course (on-line and face-to-face) for in service CLIL teachers and for teachers in their initial training. Besides the Association, considering lifelong learning process the core of its educational scope, has developed expertise in organizing events and training courses related to language acquisition, ICT and cross-curricular key competences through innovative learning techniques. Its teacher training courses are provided at local, regional and national level.

The Association can boast within its staff, Italian and foreign teachers, school heads, educators who have developed their expertise working in a European context, due to the many EU projects carried out in the last ten years, while on a National level, they have cooperated with public authorities and private enterprises to implement networks and partnerships devoted to experiment new paths in education and training.

The Association has an updated training programme based on the most recent European Commission’s proposal for a Europe 2020 economic strategy and the Communication ‘Rethinking Education’. The training courses are specifically addressed to teachers and schoolheads in order to enable them to develop forms of innovative teaching, leadership and governance which will have to adapt to the changes required by the European policies for a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

The staff of the Association has also developed expertise in the study of testing and assessment techniques, and in the quality management system. In terms of skills development the Association also considers e-learning as a further opportunity for professional growth. Most of the courses provided by the Association are blended courses which allow participants to enhance their ICT skills through the provision of on-line tasks, and activities.