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The CO-CLIL (COoperative CLIL) project has the following main results:

1) 'CO-CLIL train the trainer course' which is organized through contact hours and on-line material.
The face to face part is divided in four modules (16 hours) in English based on the concept of loop input together with cooperative learning, task based and learner centred approaches. Trainees will be given the opportunity to learn and practice how to conduct a proper training course suitable to motivate and encourage the use of CLIL teaching techniques and strategies giving priority to innovation, new technologies and competence building.
The four face-to-face sessions are complemented by online materials published on the platform.

2) The platform
The CO-CLIL interactive platform has both the function of being part of the training, offering multimedia examples of CLIL classroom practice, and a tool for the future use of CO-CLIL trainees. They will have the chance of exchanging materials and experiences with their peers, of creating a network, of using a cooperative environment and of conducting online coaching. The platform will be implemented in a systematic and innovative way that will have the potential to serve at different levels.

3) E book
The ‘CO-CLIL Trainer and Teachers e-Guide’ includes the relevant methodology and  suggestions to organize and conduct a CLIL innovative training course, based on the four modules: “Changing Perspectives“, “Finding Resources”, “Creating a CLIL Environment” and “Providing Feedback”.   It is in English, downloadable and available in PDF from the website.